Prep Work before Selling your Phone


Prep Work before Selling your Phone advised by Cell Phone Repair Store

Prep Work before Selling your Phone advised, Selling your Phone advised

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Human nature is curious and always looking for the next best thing they can have. We get tired of things very easily and look for ways to improve our lifestyle by purchasing new and fancy things that are the latest in the market. The same is the case with electronics like laptops, smartphones, tablets, and iPads. We buy them, use them for several months or years, and sell them when the new model comes but have you ever thought of things to do before selling your smartphone? It might be possible that you are looking for that beautiful iPhone 14 pro max everyone is talking about so eagerly, the latest iPhone apple has released., or maybe you are considering downsizing the screen, so you decide to buy an iPhone 14 mini, or you are just ready to switch to something new and different this year. But no matter why you are thinking of selling your phone, the thing that matters the most is how you sell it well and what to do before selling your phone. Maybe the phone you want to sell is very old, but you invested in it at a certain time. Therefore, you must keep a few things in mind while selling it.

In this Blog, Hot Tech Repair, a cell phone repair store in Sacramento, advised doing prep work before selling your smartphone and buying the new iPhone 14 your heart is longing for. 

Prep Work 1: Clean your phone

Would you want a phone covered in smudges, fingerprints, and dirt? Absolutely no, isn’t it? Similarly, no one wants a dirty phone with fingerprints and smudges, even if it is an iPhone 11, 12, or 13. Cleaning a phone should be your utmost priority. We clean our phones daily when we use them because we want them to work for a lifetime, and we should do the same while selling our smartphones. To clean your phone, you can your disinfectant wipes or a spray to clean with a lint cloth. Clean your phone thoroughly from the front, back, and even the phone protective case if you have one. Check if there is any dirt or debris in your phone’s headphone jacks, charging ports, and speakers. If yes, clean them very carefully with a toothpick and wipes because you don’t wanna harm your smartphone.

Prep Work 2: Backup your Data

If you are a seller, this step is for you. Before selling any smartphone, cell phone repair centers recommend a backup of all the data from your phone. You wouldn’t want to erase the data without doing a backup. Some smartphones have an automatic backup, and you just need to turn it on. Save all your photos, videos, and other personal and professional data by doing a backup and then erase the data after and reset your phone before giving it away. Also, not every phone has much storage, so you can use google drive or iCloud to save your data.

Prep Work 3: Factory Reset

Do you want a person to whom you sold your phone to look at your pictures, videos, and other data? Obviously not, right? Ensure that you have done a factory reset on your device after backing up the data. Factory reset deletes all the pictures, videos, documents, and applications and makes your cell phone as new as it was before. Most smartphones, like iPhones, allow you to reset your phone by setting App. Factory resetting will also give the person you sold your device a chance for a fresh start.

Prep Work 4: Screen Protector and Phone case

When you decide to sell your phone, treat it as if it is fresh and brand new. No one buys a phone which is treated badly. Keep your phone in a protective casing after cleaning it. A good quality protective case leaves a good impression. Also, keep your device’s screen protected with a screen protector so that the customer who is buying your phone clearly sees that you care about the product you are selling. If you keep your phone in good condition, it will have a good market value, and you can make more money also. Remember that if you wanted to buy a used iPhone, you would buy it in excellent condition, so do the same when selling.

Prep Work 5: Get a Repair

Not everyone has to do this prep work but if your phone needs a repair, get it done. There might be issues with your camera, phone screen, cracks, and charging ports that you must get checked before selling your device. Doing that will get you the price you want for the cell phone, and you can put more money towards buying a new phone. 

In short, if you sell your phone, ensure you are doing everything right for yourself and for the person to whom you are selling if you want any help, guidance, or assistance in getting your phone clean and repaired or performing a factory reset, you can get it by a cell phone repair store in Sacramento

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