Stay Healthy While Riding


How Can I Ride My Motorbike in a Polluted City and Stay Healthy?

Stay Healthy While Riding

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Due to factors like extreme weather or a lack of good food options, your health may be put at risk when you are traveling the country. Perhaps you weren’t ready and had to learn about bike accessories the hard way. So, the experts have listed a few straightforward actions and accessories like bike face masks that you should follow to stay healthy while riding.

  • First, Train

Before your tour starts, begin your training. You are less prone to suffer an early injury the more fit you are. Additionally, settle into your saddle. Make sure to put some miles on the saddle to avoid developing saddle sores and ensure your booty’s health!

  • Consume Water 

Consume water. Drink a lot of water. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to start drinking; do so with abandon. Most riders could have carried more than two water bottles and hydration packs.

Plan carefully because there may be significant gaps in service in some regions. Bring enough water to get you through such places, plus an additional bottle as a backup. A water filter is an excellent addition to your list of gear. These tiny creatures can transform an unpleasant circumstance into abundant drinkable pure water!

  • Eat Nutritious Calories

While on tour, you lose about 6,000 calories daily, so you’ll want to eat everything you see, including nine-pound ice cream sundaes. You should get it.

You do, of course! You’ll understand this when you’re already hungry after your first hill and should aim to keep those indulgences to a minimum. You can’t stay healthy while riding from those goodies like pizza, chips, and ice cream to tackle those challenging climbs.

Consume complete, high-fibre foods instead. Don’t stray from whole grains and pasta; don’t neglect your fruits and vegetables! Healthy food might be challenging to locate when traveling, and you might have trouble finding it throughout your vacation. It would be best to immediately learn to stock up whenever you encounter a farmer’s market or health food store.

  • Prepare For Extreme Weather

Visiting the southern states during the summer can get hot there. It can also get frigid in the highlands in the autumn if you’re slow. Planning your bike ride for the morning will help you avoid the midday heat. After a lengthy period of excellent rest inside or in the shade, you can bike for a few more hours in the evening if you still have the energy.

The bike window is substantially smaller in colder climates since the days are shorter. Your days should begin and end in the slight warmth and sunlight you have. As long as you’re moving, you’ll keep warm, but once you stop, you should be sure that you’ve stopped for real since it is VERY HARD to resume driving once you’ve cooled off!

Always wear high-quality clothing that keeps you dry in the rain, cool in the heat, and warm in the winter to regulate your body temperature. Be sure to prepare.

  • Be Ready to Deal with Altitude Sickness 

You may notice specific changes in your body if you are riding above 7,000 feet. Common symptoms include shortness of breath, exhaustion, nausea, and migraines. However, symptoms are typically brief, and your body will recover in a few days. It is a good idea to seek medical assistance if the symptoms worsen.

Limiting your activities for a few days to adjust to the altitude, abstaining from caffeine and alcohol, getting plenty of rest, and drinking plenty of water are some easy precautions you may take to prevent altitude sickness.

At higher altitudes, cooking may take twice as long. 

  • Sleep Before You’re Exhausted

When traveling, getting a good night’s sleep may help you to stay healthy while riding. Make sure you take lengthy breaks throughout the day as well. Your body is under a lot of stress from you, so it needs a break now and then.

  • A First Aid Kit with You

Even when performing essential bike maintenance, accidents can happen at any time. You’ll indeed receive a few bumps and bruises, so it’s a good idea to carry gauze, bandages, and alcohol swabs. Additionally, a lot of people dislike using chamois butter. Other motorcyclists, though, vouch for it. It works well to keep your nether regions lubricated and prevent saddle sores.


Biking is a fun way to be active and aware of your surroundings. When necessary, exercise caution, especially during severe weather or on crowded routes. Biking is a fantastic choice that is considerably less dangerous and has many health advantages when the weather is unsuitable for motorcycling. 

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