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Wynton Harvey (Steve Harvey son) Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, and Other Details!

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Wynton Harvey is a professional photographer who is commonly recognized as the first son of Steve Harvey, who is an American-based TV personality and comedian. He appeared for the first time in one of the YouTube videos of his father, with the title, ‘Lori and Wynton Pack for College.’

Mary Lee Harvey, his mom, gave birth to Wynton Harvey after a year of her marriage to Wynton’s father. The couple stayed together for more than ten years as they got married in 1996. In order to learn more about the net worth, age, career, bio, wiki, height, weight, and other details of Wynton Harvey, feel free to continue reading this article!

Everything You Need to Know About Wynton Harvey

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As far as the profession of Wynton Harvey is concerned, it is to be noted that he is a photographer by profession. Keeping that in mind, one should know that he is also the owner of a fantastic website which he uses to showcase his remarkable talent in the field of photography.

Indeed, photography is an excellent field nowadays, which is why Wynton Harvey decided to pursue it and got immense fame due to his family relations as well.

Early Life and Childhood of Steve Harvey Son  

Wynton Harvey was born to his father, Steve Harvey, and his mother, whose name is Mary Lee Harvey, in the United States of America. As of 2022, Wynton Harvey is 25 years old as he was born on 18th July 1997. That being said, one should also understand that Wynton Harvey is not the only child of his family as he also has a brother, whose name is Broderick and two twin sisters, recognized by the names of Brandi and Karli. So, Wynton Harvey does have three biological siblings in his family.

In 2008, Steve Harvey married Marjorie Bridges, after which he became the father of three more children, whose names are Lori Harvey, Morgan Harvey, and Jason Harvey. So, now Steve Harvey, the father of Wynton Harvey, has seven children altogether.

After completing his studies in his high school, Wynton Harvey decided to go to an Art college and opened a new chapter of his life after getting admitted to Savannah College of Design and Art, which is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

That being said, one should know that Wynton Harvey specialized in the fields of fashion and photography at Savannah College of Design and Art, located primarily in Atlanta, Georgia. Wynton Harvey got a hold of a Bachelor’s degree in the field of arts in 2020, according to various credible sources on the internet.

All About the Professional Career of Steve Harvey Son 

While recently graduated with a reputable degree in the field of Bachelors of arts, Wynton Harvey decided to initiate his photography career back in 2016. He held his first photography exhibition professionally in Atlanta at the age of just 20 years old. Apart from this, Wynton Harvey also regularly uploads pictures of his workings on his social media handles, primarily Instagram.

Having said that, it is a point to be noted that Wynton Harvey has actually made a separate page for exhibiting his photography skills and extraordinary talent with a link to his official website. The main purpose of the development of this website is to display the extraordinarily exceptional talents of Wynton Harvey in the fields of fashion designing and photography.

Wynton Harvey has been known to have immense interest in the field of photography ever since he was a young child. At the age of 11 years, he recognized his true talent and decided to follow his true ambitions, after which he got involved in the photography sector. So, he currently works as a model as well as a professional photographer on different occasions.

Keeping that in mind, another point to be noted is that Wynton Harvey has also built a studio for himself in Atlanta. He uses this studio for his professional life as it involves everything related to landscape photography, portrait photography, and various other household products and items.

Height, Physical Appearance, Weight, and Relationship Status 

As far as the height of Wynton Harvey is concerned, one should know that his height is 5 feet and 9 inches which is equivalent to 1.82 meters. However, any specific details regarding his body weight are not yet available.

While talking about his physical appearance, we should know that Wynton Harvey has perfect black eyes and black hair. Taylor Gordon is her girlfriend, who is the daughter of a well-known journalist.


Commonly recognized as the son of Steve Harvey, Wynton Harvey is a professional photographer and the owner of an amazing website on the internet that he uses to showcase his talents to the general public.

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