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Use Paper Towels to Dry Your Hands and Keep Hygienic

Paper Towels, Use Paper Towels to Dry Your Hands

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Proper hand hygiene is now more important than ever. You will often see paper towels in every place. A paper towel is considered to be a better choice for keeping hands clean because it has been gone through proper hygienic processing. In this article, you will learn about the reasons why you should switch to paper towels. We’ll also discuss something you should note when choosing paper towels. Let’s read on for more details about paper towels. 

4 Reasons You Should Use Paper Towels 

1) Hygiene

Paper towels are better from a hygiene standpoint. They can dry hands quickly, remove bacteria efficiently, and lessen the risk of contamination in the washroom. Paper towels are especially useful in hospitals and clinics where hygiene is critical. Paper towels can be used anywhere that people must wash their hands or turn off the water taps.

2) Efficiency

Paper towels are more efficient and easy to use. They can dry hands quickly and remove bacteria efficiently. Every time you wash your hands, you can directly pull out a piece of paper without any wait. While this is different if you use an electric air dryer.

3) No Noise

Bathroom air dryers can be noisy, that is a fact. Many hand dryers are louder than the manufacturers claim and can be dangerous for children’s ears. To reduce the noise, you can use paper towels in your bathroom.

Things to Consider when Choosing Paper Towels

  • Ply count

This number indicates how many layers of paper are needed to create a paper towel. The higher the ply counts, the more absorbent, thicker, softer, and stronger the paper towel. It is very simple, two-ply paper towels consist of two sheets of paper that have been molded together. One-ply only has one. Two-ply paper towels will be more absorbent than one-ply designs, and they are stronger than one. However, today’s single-ply paper towels can be quite absorbent and sturdy. This is due to the new technology used in paper towel design, which makes them stronger and more efficient.

  • Absorbency

Hand towels made of paper are designed to absorb water and dry the hands. If they don’t absorb water properly, they will lose their main function. This is why it is so important to select a super absorbent hand towel that does the job correctly. You can tell if a towel is absorbent by looking at the pattern on it. Because of the pattern’s ridges or grooves, paper towels with a pattern are more absorbent. These ridges help make towels more absorbent by drawing water into them.

  • Fold Type

The most frequently asked question about hand towels is “Which fold is best?” Do not assume that all paper towels are created equal. Different folded towels can have important differences. Folding matters when it comes to paper towels. Some folds are more economical than others. Folds can have an impact on the cost of paper towels too. This is because the way a paper towel has been folded will affect how it is released from the dispenser.


Paper towels have many benefits that people often overlook. In addition to being more hygienic and efficient, paper towels are also recyclable and generate fewer CO₂ than other hand drying options. That is the reason why plenty of consumers today purchase bulk paper towels since most people are concerned about hygiene. If you’re looking for a way to be more environmentally friendly in your bathroom choices, switch to paper towels! 

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