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Top 4 Free Shopify Apps to Add to Your Online Store

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Starting a company can be challenging, especially if there is something you, as a small business owner, would like to achieve but are unable to because of certain limitations. It can be time, staff, budget, and even functionality.

Running a business on Shopify means there is likely an app for the job, and, importantly, it does not have to be expensive or paid. Surprisingly, some applications can do wonders to how your store is doung and be free of charge. It allows your business to grow even on a tight budget.

So let’s dive deeper and list some of the most awesome free Shopify apps to help your store enjoy more sales without forcing you to invest money and time.

What Are Must-Have Free Shopify Apps?

Before we move straight to our cherry-picked list, let’s note that most Shopify apps come with multiple pricing tiers, free and paid.

This article focuses on the applications that are available gratis 100% or have significant functionality in their free plans at the moment of writing.

Webtex Product Reviews

It is vital to make your offerings more credible, collect the shoppers’ take on how your business is doing, interact with them in your replies, and boost SEO.

Though relatively new and free, the app promises to have an impressive number of features to showcase and collect user-generated content on your site.

What does the app do?

The application displays the consumers’ testimonials across your e-store, facilitates the process of managing testimonials, and helps advance how your offerings are displayed in Google search results.

What functionality does the app offer?

Although the free tool is under active development and keeps adding new features, you can access the following functionality at the moment:

  • Several front-end layouts for reviews display
  • Multiple review widgets
  • Image and photo reviews
  • Pros and cons blocks
  • Rich snippets with name, description, and review score
  • Notifications about incoming reviews
  • Rating other shoppers’ feedback
  • Loyalty points for writing a testimonial
  • Ability to import and export reviews using a CSV file
  • Reviews sorting and filtering opportunities
  • Translating front-end elements to the languages of your choice

Click here to explore the complete list of features this free Shopify product reviews app comes with.

Local Pickup & Delivery by Mageworx

Unexpected shipping charges and untimely delivery are one of the reasons behind cart abandonment. The free application allows you to make another step towards delivery that resonates positively with the shopper.

What does the app do?

The tool lets you offer up to three order delivery options — in-store pickup, local delivery, and shipping — and optimize your business’s delivery processes.

What functionality does the app offer?

  • Independent configuration of order delivery and pickup
  • Three delivery date and time layout options: date, date and time, date and time slot
  • Ability to restrict order delivery to specific locations based on postal codes the shoppers enter
  • Limiting the number of orders you can deliver (for each day of the week)
  • Setting the time required for order processing. It will help avoid scenarios when the shopper selects a time slot before its being processed
  • Configuring cutoff time for same-day order delivery
  • Excluding days from order delivery
  • Choose vendibles you’d like to exclude for order delivery or pickup, and more.

Smart SEO

There is no need to say that SEO is the king. Businesses invest many resources into making their sites loved by search engine crawlers. Luckily, there’s a solution on Shopify that can give you a helping hand free of charge.

What does the app do?

The application helps your brand rank higher in the SERPs and automates some of the routines yet vital SEO activities.

What functionality does the app offer?

  • Meta tags optimization
  • Scanning up to 100 pages for broken links
  • Sitemap functionality
  • Optimization of alt tags
  • Noindex tags
  • Ability to optimize up to 50 images

Sales Countdown Timer

Do you use scarcity marketing tactics when running sales campaigns? During the sales season (and, well, occasionally) such tools can help create urgency, stimulate the shoppers’ purchasing decisions, and give your sales a boost.

What does the app do?

The app adds a customizable countdown timer to your store within a couple of mouse clicks.

What functionality does the app offer?

  • Adding countdown timers
  • Ability to select where on your site you want to display the time (one page only in the free version)
  • Schedule when the timer will get displayed
  • Adjustable timer design templates
  • Preview functionality before publishing the timers


Our list certainly scratches the surface only as the Shopify apps store is flooded with free applications, and their choice depends entirely on the goals you’d like to achieve.

Nonetheless, there are certain improvements that can do a world of good to a business. They are:

  • Generating and showcasing user-generated content on your site
  • Offering timely order delivery and local pickup options
  • Improving site SEO and rankings
  • Creating urgency during your sales campaigns, and

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