7 Essential Things to Consider Before Going for Abortion


7 Essential Things to Consider Before Going for Abortion

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Terminating a pregnancy by abortion is an easy but not necessary and sometimes painful decision. Many women find themselves going through a stressful process that targets their mental, emotional, and physical being after an unexpected pregnancy occurs.

Let’s read through what you must know and keep in mind before going for an abortion so you will be sure of what to do.

1. Pre-abortion Essentials

The pre-abortion screening and consultation, which is an inherent and significant part of the abortion procedure, plays a crucial role. It will assist you in fading away any doubts so that you opt for what is good for your health and well-being. Another factor you need to consider is whether a pregnancy abortion is the right choice for your specific situation or not.

2. Pregnancy Verification Required

Do you know that 1 out of 4 pregnancies ends with a miscarriage? A miscarriage occurs at the stage when the fertilized egg gets rejected by the body and is pushed out from the womb before it can live on its own and become critical for the mother. It would be unhealthy to have an abortion when there is a spontaneous miscarriage, but the fertilized egg has not yet come out from the uterus. If there is no life inside, it does not make any sense to do an abortion. You will require some alternative type of caregiving.

3. Determining Your Pregnancy Duration

The law passed in Georgia recently does not allow abortion to continue beyond the point where the baby’s heartbeat has been detected, but there are only three exceptions. The first thing you need to do before getting an abortion is to ensure that there is no detectable heartbeat by a fetus, which usually happens around week 6 of pregnancy.

4. At your First Consultation (by phone or in a Centre)

It is essential to inform the nurse, doctor, or midwife about any health issues at your disposal and any medications or drugs you may be taking. Communicate to them any cultural support as well as disability assistance that you may desire.

Do not hesitate to share with your doctor or nurse or inform them about any issues or concerns you may have.

5. Testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections

Having an abortion before receiving treatment for some STIs can be unhealthy. During an abortion, an STI infection could spread and cause damage to organs, depending on what kind of STI you have. If you have an STI that is non-treatable, we can teach you how to self-manage and how to live with the STI generally.

6. Change of Mind

At any time that you change your mind before the abortion, you can decide to have one. If you are going for an early medical abortion, then you should know that after taking the first pill at a clinic, it won’t be possible to turn back or undo the abortion.

Not everyone going for an abortion has a counseling session. Still, it has been proven that getting help from a professional counselor can go a long way in making such a decision. If you are unclear, contact the nearest abortion provider and ask for pregnancy options counseling.

7. Preparing For Your Abortion

Your abortion provider will be your guide during the abortion, wherein you will be given instructions about the preparation for the abortion. If you are getting an abortion at a clinic, you will receive information about what to anticipate and what to bring to the clinic.

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