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Sensitive Skin & Acne Control: Finding the Right Balance

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‘Trying on a new product, changing places or food, wanting to add another step in your regular skincare, stepping out in the sun, wanting a hot shower’, these and many more mundane acts are a far cry for people with sensitive skin. The skin reacts to everything! 

Redness, inflammation, an acne trigger, dryness and discomfort are the day to day vocab. With such a volatile skin type that is hard to keep in check, acne poses an even greater challenge. It only takes one wrong product and one wrong ingredient to trigger a breakout.

Light Up Beauty comes into the picture when there is the talk of finding the right ingredients for your skin needs. With our carefully curated acne-care range, we take away the worries of sensitive skin.

Let’s delve deep into finding that right balance of ingredients for Sensitive and Acne prone skin :

When it comes to tackling acne, Salicylic acid is the go to, but do you know it can cause redness and inflammation too! With cautious and gentle formulations, LightUp Beauty’s Acne-Care Range includes Dewdrop Anti Acne Face Wash enriched with Salicylic Acid rich Blueberries that fights off acne and is yet gentle on the skin due to the soothing properties of: Bisabolol- a calming agent, Butterfly Pea Flower or Blue Matcha- an anti inflammatory boon for sensitive skin.

Acne Control

When it comes to dealing with acne, masks are a popular choice. We all grew up with Ubtan recipes passed on from generations, and now a newer trend going on around as DIY face masks for a glowing skin but research deeper and you will come across how many day to day kitchen ingredients used in these DIY recipes can strip off natural oils, disturb the skin’s Ph and may even cause breakouts.

In this modern era backed by science and a hint of tradition, Light Up Beauty’s Flash Ubtan Powder Face Wash is made with selected ingredients that fights off  Acne while hydrating the skin and protecting it from moisture loss. It is enriched with the power of Salicylic Acid occurring in Marigold that protects the skin from Acne, Gotukola aka Centella Asiatica – a popular choice of Sensitive skin to effectively calm irritation, and Rose and Hibiscus to hydrate the skin. This amazing formulation not only gets rid of Acne effectively but also soothes sensitive skin.

Acne Control

Clay masks have been around for ages. Due to their exceptional qualities, they remove impurities and excess oil, unclog pores, preventing breakouts and reducing existing blemishes. Clay masks keep the skin’s natural oil balance in check.

So do we just start using clay masks if we have Acne-Prone sensitive skin? Well, not like that, just like any other ingredient, clay masks too can have ill effects, they may strip off the skin’s natural oils, cause dryness, irritation and worsen your acne!

Light Up Beauty’s BEAM Glacial Glow Mud is formed with not any regular clay but New Zealand Glacial Clay that has a unique mineral makeup, formed over 3 million years ago from ancient volcanic ash and glacial ice. It reaches the deep layers of the skin, clears out pores removing bacteria and excess oil. It improves collagen production, skin elasticity.

Additionally, it has a calming effect on inflamed skin, soothing redness and irritation. It doesn’t just limits to New Zealand Glacial Clay but has a blend of Rose, Urad and Masoor (RUM Complex) that tightens the pores while brightening the skin, Rose, Jasmine and Chamomile have wound healing properties that calm sensitive skin. Regular use of clay masks can improve the overall texture of the skin.


A Sensitive, Acne-Prone skin translates to handling with extra care. It requires an intricate balance of effective ingredients that are formed gently. Light Up Beauty’s Acne-Care Range offers carefully curated products designed to fight off Acne while protecting the skin’s natural barrier.

From the Dew Anti-Acne Face Wash enriched with Anti-Acne benefits of Salicylic Acid rich Blueberries and, soothing properties of Bisabolol and Blue Matcha, to the Flash Ubtan Powder Face Wash with the power of Salicylic Acid in Marigold and calming benefits of Gotukola (Centella Asiatica) and Rose, each product is tailored to the unique needs of sensitive skin struggling with Acne. The BEAM Glacial Glow Mud is formed with New Zealand Glacial Clay, and an efficient blend of Rose, Urad, and Masoor (RUM Complex) – natural and effective ingredients.

Incorporating these products into your skincare routine will relieve sensitive, Acne-Prone skin from redness and inflammation, while effectively fighting breakouts and improving overall skin texture. Light Up Beauty not only provides solutions for acne control but also is a boon for sensitive skin. With Light Up Beauty’s Acne care range, your skin feels clearer, calm and healthy

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