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How To Layer Your PM Skincare Routine?

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Your nighttime skincare routine entails more than just removing your makeup before bed. As you sleep, your skin enters into “repair mode.” You must thoughtfully choose your PM skincare products to help the skin recover and rejuvenate.

The next question that comes to mind is should you have a separate AM and PM skincare routine? 

Yes, according to science, your body has a built-in timer. During the day, it focuses on protecting the skin, and at night, it focuses on rebuilding the skin. You can achieve this with a skin glow night cream.

Continue reading to learn how to create a nighttime skincare routine.

Step 1: Double Cleansing

First Cleanse

If you have been wearing makeup and sunscreen, the first cleanse can help loosen these products from your skin. Micellar water is an excellent option for this step.

Second Cleanse

Unlike the first cleanse, which focuses on eliminating debris and products from your skin, the second cleanse concentrates on cleaning your skin pores. This gives you a completely clean canvas that facilitates optimal absorption of skincare products. 

How to Choose: Choose a cleanser with the power of natural ingredients that will cleanse your skin and not strip it of its natural oils.

Product Recommended: Lotus Herbals WHITEGLOW 3 in 1 Deep cleansing Skin Brightening Facial Foam

Step 2: Toning

Toners have hydrating ingredients that soothe dry skin. They’re preparing your skin to absorb the goodness of your other skincare products. 

How to Choose: Use a hydrating toner to help replace the water lost by your skin barrier as a result of washing and drying your face.

Product Recommended: Lotus Herbals ROSETONE Rose Petals Facial Skin Toner

Step 3: Serum

A serum infuses your skin with a high concentration of active ingredients. This helps your skin get the maximum benefits and best results. Using a vitamin C serum with a night glow cream will heal your skin from damage caused by environmental factors during the day and brightens and lightens dark spots over time.

How to Choose: Look for a product that contains the key elements to address your specific skin conditions, such as dull skin or acne.

Product Recommended: Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Vitamin-C + Gold Radiance Serum 

Step 4: Moisturiser

A moisturiser hydrates your skin and helps trap all the products beneath it, making the contents more effective.

How to Choose: Pick a moisturiser appropriate for your skin type (e.g. dry, oily or combination). At night, your skin enters into repair mode, working overtime to repair damage and promote rejuvenation. Opt for a night glow cream that heals your skin cells so that you wake up with soft, subtle, and bright skin.

Product Recommended: Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Advanced Pink Glow Brightening night glow cream 

Step 5: Face Oil

Face oils seal all the ingredients and moisture you just applied to your face. They aid in your regimen’s efficacy while leaving skin soft and smooth. Just make sure to always always use them at last as oils can easily penetrate moisturisers, serums, and treatments, but no products can penetrate an oil.

Look for oils infused with gold extracts to seal in moisture and make your skin glow like gold.

Product Recommended: Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Vitamin C+ Gold Radiance Facial Oil


This concludes a simple PM skincare routine that will help you start your skincare journey. Always search for skincare products that are thoughtfully crafted with natural ingredients and have no harmful chemicals, as it is a crucial facet of your AM/PM skincare routine!

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