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If you’re looking for weightlifting advice on YouTube, you’ll be subscribing to Ryan Humiston’s channel by the conclusion of this article. YouTube is an extremely competitive field, with millions of video makers vying for a piece of your attention.

The fitness industry is no different, but one man has established his own gravitational pull, drawing thousands of viewers. Ryan Humiston is a YouTube sensation which is most known for his channel of the same name. On his YouTube channel, he posts videos on his workout routine and how to get the perfect muscles.

Ryan Humiston Bio

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Ryan is rumoured to be over heels in love with a young lady and has posted images of them on his Instagram account. They look to be heading towards the ski slopes. In any case, whether or if this young lady is her significant other is unknown. Ryan Humiston is rumoured to be married to a woman whose name and other information have yet to be revealed.

Ryan has yet to divulge her identity, despite sharing details of his wedding in one of his Instagram postings on September 20.

He has stowed the lady alone, and given the absence of knowledge at this moment, determining the identity of his ally is impossible.

Many people have wished him well in the comments, and many have conveyed their wishes for a happy married life. He also released a video on November 20, 2021, in which he is shoving his significant other while writing my large obese spouse.

He began this endeavour on June 21, 2011, and has grown to over 1.1 million subscribers. His most popular video is The ABSOLUTE BEST PULL-UPS FOR GROWTH PLUS How To Go From 0-20 Reps!, which he uploaded on January 13, 2020.

The video has received 2.8 million views. He has eight videos with over a million views, including this one.

Ryan Humiston has devised a month-long training programme for which the user must pay $19.99 to learn about and follow. Unless you purchase the Workout plan, you will not be able to use it.

Wikipedia has an Entry on Ryan Humiston

Ryan Humiston is a film and television actor. Wikipedia does not yet have a bio for him. Ryan Humiston has his own YouTube account, even though he is a bodybuilder. His bodybuilding-related YouTube channel is one of the most popular entities. The video has been seen over 2.8 million times. This is one of his eight videos with over a million views.

Background of Ryan Humiston

We do know that Humiston has competed in amateur bodybuilding competitions organised by the National Physique Committee (NPC). We also know that since roughly 2018, he’s been a vegan.

His YouTube biography indicates he joined in 2011, but he didn’t start focusing on expanding his channel until last year, further adding to his remarkable surge to the top. His videos have received over 124 million views. The directness with which Ryan delivers his messages is what makes his videos stand out.

He explains the viewer’s problem, such as trying to expand their limbs and then rapidly solves it by demonstrating what he does (and he has the arms to back it up). But that’s not the only thing that draws your attention to Ryan. He has a good understanding of what he’s talking about. Do you believe that in order to gain muscle, you must lift the highest weight possible? You’d be mistaken.

Ryan preaches a few things to his subscribers that assist them in fostering muscular growth in unconventional ways. He discusses partial ranges of action, angle adjustments, isolating muscle areas by removing any potential for help from other muscle groups, and exercising in the 15-30 repetition range.

Ryan has basically demonstrated how to turn twenty-pound dumbbells into fifty-pound dumbbells. It’s not a simple task. The guy is also rather entertaining if all of the sound advice and no-nonsense guidance weren’t enough. His sense of humour is darker, but that’s part of what makes it so amazing. This is one of Ryan’s most popular videos (3.4 million views).

Ryan Humiston is an Actor

Ryan Humiston appears to be married; however, his wife’s name and other details are unclear at this time. Even though Ryan referenced his wedding in one of his Instagram photographs on September 20, he has kept his name a secret. He has kept the bride to himself, and given the current paucity of information, determining the identity of his companion is tough.

In the comments, he’s overwhelmed with congratulations and well wishes, as well as wishes for a happy married life. He also released a video on November 20, 2021, in which he taunts his wife by writing my large fat wife on it.

Ryan Humiston’s Net Worth

Ryan Humiston’s net worth is $362,066 dollars. In any case, it isn’t exactly in all parts of the assessment. His Youtube channel and training programme are two of his sources of revenue.

It appeared to be beneficial to him. Ryan is a regular user of social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. With the username @ryanhumiston, he has 90.9k Instagram followers. He uses the handle @Ryan Humiston on Twitter and has about 1.4k followers.


We have told you Ryan Humiston bio, so anyone searching for fitness advice might benefit greatly from YouTube. Ryan Humiston has perfected his weightlifting skills before figuring out how to stand out in the crowd with his material.

Ryan’s channel is one you should subscribe to if you want to grow muscle. Take it from someone who has followed his advice and created a dumbbell-only training routine based on what we’ve learned.

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