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After Season 2 returns to form, Diablo 4 players are eagerly awaiting any news about the game’s next major update.

Season of Blood introduces a number of new mechanics, including Vampiric Powers that players can use to further customize their characters, as well as new endgame activities. Among them are bosses that can grind for some of the best loot in the game and earn generous Diablo 4 Gold.

Despite the backlash upon release, Diablo 4 is moving in a positive direction. With Diablo 4 Season 3 just around the corner, here we’re going to talk about everything we know through Season 2 and the previews during BlizzCon.


Currently, the theme of the third season is still unknown. Aside from a brief teaser for “Vessel of Hatred” DLC, the developers have revealed no information about Season 3’s upcoming content. All we can see is an image of a menacing creature with a broken helmet adorned with several chains.

This theme could be similar to how Jailer and Torghast works in World of WarCraft, with a small roguelike mode. As you go deeper into the dungeon, it gives you more power.

Some players pointed out that this new season may be related to Runestone and constructs, based on alleged file names leaked before Blizzcon 2023.


Reddit user Keegsahart has said that the theme of Season 3 will revolve around enemy constructs. We’ll have a construct ally that can be upgraded with skills, which will be the power mechanic. We’ll run through the vaults at the end and get rewards, but there will be a lot of traps inside.

The theory also adds that Diablo 4 Season 3 may add a new mechanic via Runestone, where players can use crafting stones to create special affixes on specific gear.

Some players also believe that the successful content of Season 2 may be retained, just like the developers did with Malignant Rings. Regardless, it will be interesting to see what exactly Season 3 is about and how it ties into the new mechanics and content added to the game.

Weekly Challenge Dungeon: Gauntlet

Gauntlet will be one of the major fresh additions to Diablo 4 Season 3, providing players with a new endgame activity. Here’s how the developers explained the new mechanic at BlizzCon 2023:

Once you reach World Tier 4, you can enter Gauntlet. But luckily, you don’t need to reach level 100 first. And all you have to do is unlock the final difficulty level. More details about the unlock are not yet known, but it probably won’t be a complicated task for players.

Gauntlet is a fixed seed non-linear dungeon. What this means for players is that for as long as a given dungeon is available, it will always have the same monster layout, affixes, and other features. This way, you can try to master the layout again and again before the next version comes along.

What’s interesting is that it changes every week, with new Gauntlets replacing the old ones. Rather than being randomized every time you enter, it has a fresh seed every week, providing a constant series of new challenges.

Weekly Challenge Dungeon: Gauntlet

In Gauntlet, loot drops when the timer ends, eliminating the need to pick up these Diablo 4 items along the way. At the beginning of each week, a new Gauntlet will replace the current Gauntlet, and the leaderboard will be reset.

The scoring and reward systems in Gauntlet are designed to provide options for maximizing scores, especially in groups where dungeon progression decisions can be made collectively. Monsters and Chests drop pickups called “Proofs of Might” instead of regular loot. You need to buy Diablo 4 items asap in the given time to increase your score.

This game mode in Diablo 4 is all about getting high scores. Since dungeons are non-linear, players will need to find the most efficient route to maximize your D4 Gold gains, whether alone or in a group.


Besides Gauntlet, another important addition to Season 3 is Leaderboards. These leaderboards will be tied into the new Gauntlet mechanic.

Players must collect Proofs of Might when completing this dungeon. This collectible will affect the overall score players receive when completing challenges. The person with the highest score will get a spot on the leaderboard.


Players who rank extremely high on the leaderboard will earn a spot in Hall of the Ancients. This is another ranking, but one that is considered timeless. Its impact is currently unclear, so players will have to wait for the developers to reveal more information to get a clearer picture of it.

Blizzard will also add Seal to the leaderboards. These Seals will appear on the player’s character frame. There will be Seals for unique achievements in the game. However, these Seals are merely cosmetic and offer no gameplay benefits.

That said, Seal can also be considered a measure of skill. Because unlocking each Seal in Season 3 requires a certain skill level.

As of now, the developers have not revealed the names of Seals and what is required to unlock them. It will be interesting to see what the developers do with these Seals once the new season goes live.

Hall Of The Ancients

Hall Of The Ancients

Finally, Hall of the Ancients would be the perfect archive to run a weekly Gauntlet on. Once the weekly reset occurs and Gauntlet is retired, the 10 best matches will be immortalized in the game forever. This would definitely add a competitive element that the game has been lacking so far!

Season 3 Release Date

While the developers have yet to officially announce a specific release date, they have previously mentioned that each season is expected to be around 3 months long.

Currently, Season 2 Battle Pass shows that Season 2 will end on January 23, 2024. Therefore, we can deduce that Season 3 is likely to start sometime between January 23rd and early February.

This guide covers everything we know about Diablo 4 Season 3 so far. There will be plenty of new content added to the game, as well as ongoing support as fixes and balance adjustments. In any case, let us look forward to the arrival of Season 3!

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