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How To Find Short Term Furnished Apartments In Qatar?

Find Short Term Furnished Apartments In Qatar, Furnished Apartments In Qatar

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As a specialist in short term furnished apartments for rent in Doha, FGREALTY has helped hundreds of expats find the best properties in Qatar. Foreigners choose to rent out short term furnished apartments for several reasons. As the middle eastern oil-rich state offers a high standard of living and unmatched amenities, it attracts a massive influx of foreign nationals. Unsurprisingly, more than 80% of the country’s population is expats all residing in the capital city of Doha.

If you plan your stay in Qatar, several options are available. You can choose to book a hotel or try holiday apartments Doha. short term apartment rentals are top-rated because they closely connect with Qatari hospitality. People who travel to the country for business, leisure, or the upcoming FIFA World Cup can visit FGREALTY – Property finder portal in Qatar to locate the most luxurious short term furnished apartments for rent in Doha.

Read on to learn how to find short term apartment rentals in Qatar easily.

Why do people prefer short term rentals?

short term holiday apartments are preferred because people want personal space over cooperative housing. If they are visiting Qatar for leisure, it does not make sense to book a hotel room for a few weeks or months, given the high booking cost. In such scenarios, short term furnished apartments for rent in Doha are a great option.

Fortunately, the residential property market in Qatar is exploding with several options available for expats. For the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the government is making considerable investments in improving the infrastructure to accommodate visitors worldwide. As a result, luxurious hotel apartments Doha are being built to encourage people to stay longer.

Qatar offers many great options to find the best properties if you are planning to stay for a few months.

Licensed agents 

The most popular way to identify the best short term apartment rentals in Qatar is to hire licensed agents. As an expat, your knowledge of the real estate market in Doha will be limited, making you susceptible to several challenges. When you reach out to licensed agents like FGREALTY, you open yourself to finding properties across various budgets and types. While we primarily deal with luxurious holiday apartment rent, our agents are adequately skilled to find short term stays matching your budget. This method of property search offers an added advantage. You don’t have to risk legal hassles as you will be guided by professionals on how to lease a property in Qatar.

Hotel apartments in Qatar 

You can step up in price and quality by looking for hotel apartments in Doha. Offering the most luxurious lifestyle and high-quality amenities, hotel apartments are fully furnished properties that provide comfort at their best. It is much easier to look for hotel apartments at the most prominent locations, such as The Pearl, the West Bay, and Al Sadd. These venues are also near FIFA World Cup-designated stadiums. While the hotel apartments are available all over the place, their availability is varied depending on the price options and amenities. You can expect to find apartments and villas across the coastline from Al Janoub Stadium in the south to Al Khor in the north.

Direct owners 

You can sometimes find short term furnished apartments for rent in Doha directly through the owners. It saves you from paying any agent commission, a significant saving. If you are professionally visiting Qatar, you can ask your office if they have the properties under their jurisdiction or any contracts with agents and landlords.

However, if you are renting directly from the owners, make sure you inspect the property for proper air conditioning. Also, discuss housekeeping arrangements, Wi-Fi access, and what essential kitchen appliances are included with the property.

Tips for short term rentals in Qatar

  • Always double-check your contract, and don’t miss the fine print. Ensure nothing is lost in Arabic to English translation.
  • Any sort of construction without written consent from the landlord is illegal. Even if you want to get the wall painted differently, it is a good idea to seek approval first.
  • Openly discuss the maintenance charges. Usually, they are included in your contract, but you must know to what extent.
  • Remember that unmarried couples cannot cohabit, as in Qatar it is a crime.


Qatar offers an unparalleled luxurious lifestyle with ready-to-move-in properties that you can rent easily. We recommend short term furnished apartments for rent in Doha or hotel apartments because they are well-maintained properties that offer security and comfort. However, it would be best to remember that most short term apartment rentals have yearly contracts. If you leave out of turn, you will be liable to pay the penalty, usually two months’ rent.

FGREALTY can help you find the best short term stays in Doha with luxurious amenities and friendly contract terms.

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