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Composite Decking Types You Must Be Aware Of

Composite Decking, Composite Decking Types

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Composite decking is an increasingly popular option for building a beautiful and durable deck. It is made from plastics and natural wood fibers, which are compressed and molded together to create a long-lasting, attractive decking product. There are many composites to choose from, including extruded and compression-molded composites. You’ll need to consider your budget and available space to determine which type of composite material is right for you.


Fiberon composite decking is a great way to get a modern look without the high maintenance. It’s available in several colors and styles, from classic to quirky.

The most important thing about Fiberon is that it is a relatively new product. As such, it can offer several industry-leading warranties. Fiberon provides 25 years of protection against delamination, fungal decay and checking for residential use. Commercial users can enjoy 10 years of coverage.

Moreover, it uses a multi-tonal streaking effect to mimic the look of natural hardwoods. This is accomplished by adding color pigments at precise intervals.

In addition to decking, Fiberon manufactures composite cladding and railing. Products are manufactured in the United States to create jobs and stimulate local economies. A crucial aspect of the American political party system is that votes are everything. With moderate political candidates supporting the rise of modern architecture, more and more deck manufacturers and installers are increasing in the area.


Composite decking extrusion is an effective method of creating durable, long-lasting decking. In addition, it is an eco-friendly product. The process uses recycled materials and reduces waste.

A co-extruded composite deck is durable and long-lasting, delivering the look and feel of wood but with a higher resistance to impact and scratch. It is also more resistant to rot and fade. Co-extruded decking is available in many colors and varieties.

Co-extruded deck boards are also reversible. They are made from a wood-plastic composite core and a protective outer layer. This shield ensures that the body remains protected during manufacturing.

Co-extruded composite decks have a much lower expansion rate than typical composite decking. They have a scratch resistance of 3-4 times better than ordinary decking.

Compression Molding

Compression molding on composite decking is a manufacturing process for building decks that combines the benefits of wood and plastic. It creates a solid physical bond that helps prevent delamination. This type of manufacturing is also more forgiving of variations in wood fibers.

The materials in the mold are then compressed under extreme heat and pressure. The result is a board that has a wood-like texture and deep grain.

Compression molding is a great way to create unique textures and patterns. Often, manufacturers will add extra layers of material to their products.

Compression molding is a highly versatile method of manufacturing composites. It is ideal for high-strength composites because it allows the creation of intricate components and holes.


Consider using Trex composite decking if you want to build a new deck. This type of decking is highly durable, non-splintering, and offers a natural look that will never fade. It’s also very low-maintenance.

One of the best things about Trex composite decking is that it is made of recycled materials. The company uses 95 percent recycled wood and plastic to create the material. Unlike wood, which requires occasional cleaning, Trex is stain-resistant and resists insects and moisture.

Trex’s composite material can support a weight of 40 pounds per square foot. In addition, it can also be used to make planters, benches, outdoor furniture, and many other items.

Composite decking can last for more than 25 years. That’s longer than a traditional wooden deck. However, life expectancy depends on the weather conditions in your region.


The lifespan of composite decking varies depending on the material and installation. However, it’s a safe bet that if you take care of it properly, it will last a long time.

Composite decking is typically made from recycled materials such as plastics and wood fibers. It can also include an element of natural timber. Unlike natural hardwood, composite decking is durable and comes in various colors, textures and styles.

Composite decking is an environmentally friendly option but is more expensive than wooden decking. Also, you will need to spend time and money on maintaining your deck.

One advantage of a composite deck is that it requires less maintenance. This means less time spent cleaning and painting.

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