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51 Ideas for Instagram Stories (With Ready-to-Use Templates)

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Noting that every Instagram post has a few photos that did not make it to the top is also essential. You can share your Instagram Stories photos instead of deleting them. Buy Instagram Followers UK

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(2) Encourage a Recent Blog

Promoting recent posts or blogs you have published is one of the best ways to use Insta Stories.

It will allow your followers to keep up-to-date in real-time with your content, and it will increase your content’s visibility. Although your post may not appear on their feeds, it will be available on your Stories for 24hrs.

(3) Countdown Stories to Hint at upcoming posts or videos

This teaser is intended to spark interest in your followers and keep them tuned in for what’s next. Your preview should be intriguing and not give away too much information!

You can also add a countdown sticker, so they know when the video, post, or release will drop.

The sticker can count down to an event from the first. It can be personalized with a title to let your followers know what you are counting down. You can count down to a product launch, weekend sale, or your organization’s anniversary. Buy Instagram Followers UK

(4) Content for Features from Other Accounts

Collaborating with other accounts is a great way to create a sense of community. You can also feature content from additional charges on your Stories to establish meaningful relationships.

If you genuinely admire or love their work, you should share content from other creators. This will allow you to grow your accounts together and create a sense of community around your shared interests.

(5) Create a Sneak Peek

A “sneak peek” that gives a glimpse of what your followers can expect from you helps generate interest in your account and the content you post. You can also use our pre-made templates.

This template can be used to spark curiosity among your audience. You can choose from thousands of stock photos and videos to find the right ones.

(6) Ask for Suggestions

Sometimes your followers might have the insight you didn’t know about. Asking your followers for suggestions or questions can help you better engage them.

Instagram Story Idea – Ask for Suggestions

(7) Share Your Mood

Let your followers know you by sharing your emotions, expressing your highs and lows, and letting them know your true self.

You could let them know what you think about the weather or why you haven’t shared much in a while. People (including your followers!) will appreciate authenticity if you keep it natural and conversational.

After all, you are still talking to your network and friends.

2. Stories for brands and businesses on Instagram

As we have already discussed, every business can benefit from the best Instagram Stories ideas. In this section, however, we will cover some highly effective hacks you can add.

(1) Create Your Team

Without its team members, what brand is it?

Your team members should be in the spotlight. Let them introduce themselves, their role, the value they bring to the team, and any particular quirks or habits they may have.

As each team member is recognized for their contribution, this creates a sense of unity and familiarity with your colleagues.

(2) Share Instagram Stories That Mention You

A shoutout is the best thing. You can mention the shoutout to your followers and share it with them.

This is an excellent way for your brand to share any new features, and it helps you get the word out. We do this often on our Instagram page to connect with our followers.

Below is an example of a Story by a singer-songwriter who posted it as a shoutout for a podcast that featured their song in a playlist featuring upcoming young talent.

Ideas for Instagram Stories – Share stories on Instagram that include you

(3) Promote your product

Photograph your products against an attractive background if you want to promote them. To create captivating Instagram Stories, it’s worth hiring a professional photographer.

(4) Share Your Story

Don’t be afraid to share your success stories; praise them if you see them winning praises. A success Story is the best thing for Instagram. Buy Instagram Followers UK

(5) Display Your Work

It’s easy to show off your accomplishments and let your work speak for itself.

This is the best way to go if you are an artist, freelance designer, photographer, or another creative professional. Introduce yourself if you are starting with a new account. Ask your friends and followers to spread the word about your work by sharing it on their Stories and giving credit to your account.

Instagram Story Ideas – Showcase your work

(6) See what happens behind the scenes

Give your followers a glimpse behind the scenes to keep them informed. Everybody loves to see how things work out in real-time.

Instagram Story Ideas – See Behind the Scenes
You could show your viewers a day in your life or the projects you are currently working on. Or, you can consider creating a teaser Instagram Story, so your followers know what to expect. Buy Instagram Followers UK

If someone from your organization appears on a podcast, lecture series, or even interviews a team member on Instagram live, make sure you spread the word. Here’s an incredible hack: promoting the poster on Stories is an excellent way for your company to announce the event while keeping your feed on the brand.

The Instagram Story will update your followers about your appearance. You can also tag the host brand, and they’ll likely repost it to their followers. This will directly increase the reach of your post.

Instagram Story Ideas – Promote a virtual guest appearance by your team.

Justine Nelson, the founder of Debt Free Millennials, promoted her upcoming live interview with Let’s Talk Money (another financial brand).

(8) Announce an event

Your Instagram Story is more popular than your feed, so use it to your advantage! Add the swipe-up function to your business account if you have more than 10,000 followers.

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