3 Common Cat Behaviors That Can Turn Catastrophic Over Time

Cat Behaviors

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Every cat has a unique personality but can show common negative behaviors.

Kitties can exhibit unwanted habits; it is the responsibility of their owners to learn how to address them in an unoffending manner. Be understanding and kind to your kitty if it misbehaves; confronting it can only escalate the problem to a higher level.

Punishment doesn’t help correct bad behaviors; instead, it can make the kitty more stubborn and destructive. If there are other pets at home, their safety can be at risk too. Scratching, biting, and accidental injuries and more are possible when they are unsupervised.

Although teaching your cat discipline can help, have it examined by a vet because behavioral problems can also be due to physical health issues. Consider being equipped with pet health insurance, so your furball has basic medical coverage during unplanned vet visits and emergencies.

Pet insurance for cats allows a munchkin to avail of timely medical care up to the benefit limit during challenging health situations, which is why you must contemplate purchasing a policy. Meanwhile, read this article to learn some common cat behaviors that can turn catastrophic over time when left unaddressed.

#1 Scratching

Note that for some kitties, everything in the vicinity can be a scratching post. The claws can work on your furniture, clothes, curtains, and other scratchable things. Instead of restricting your cat’s paws, consider scattering over the place plenty of scratch posts, pads, boards, beds, poles, and boxes your frisky pet can use when it needs to sharpen its claws.

Know that cats use claws to mark territories, release pent-up energy, and play. So, focus on providing it with scratch-only areas instead of working to inhibit its instincts. You can also buy scratch posts and beds with catnip to entice kitties into using them. Don’t be surprised if your fur companion uses them more than your furniture because of their rough texture.

#2 Fighting

Fighting can be a typical scene in a multi-cat household. If your furry babies are constantly at war with each other, you should try to understand the reasons for their heated engagements. It could be that the kitties don’t have private spaces, dedicated food/water bowls, and litter boxes or aren’t getting enough undivided attention from you.

Discuss your cat’s issues with the vet and consider having it spayed/neutered to curb its defensive and aggressive behaviors.

#3 Accidents

If your kitty has been eliminating outside the litter box even after being potty trained, it probably has a medical issue. Urinary tract infections, diabetes, and many other severe painful health conditions can cause this behavior in feline fur babies.

Don’t yell at your pet and check if the litter box is clean and it is not your fault that your fur kid is peeing or pooping outside the box, before having it physically examined by a feline medical expert.

Early testing and treatment can help alleviate your furball’s pain and correct the issue with little economic implications. Pet insurance for cats covers a munchkin’s medical care during unfortunate times of health and emergencies, with minor financial burden. So, why not contemplate purchasing pet health insurance?

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