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Who Is Triggered Insaan Girlfriend? Get Interesting Info Here!

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There are many content creators and vloggers trying their luck in the world of internet. YouTube is a fine platform that has given the opportunity to many to become famous and trending. Among the very famous Indian YouTubers, is the name of Triggered Insaan.

Triggered Insaan is a very famous Indian YouTuber with a huge number of followers and subscribers on his channel. He has a huge fan following, especially of female fans. There has been a rumor about the YouTuber to have a girlfriend named Neha Malhan.

How much of this rumor is true and what is Neha Malhan age, let’s get into the details in this article along with the information on Triggered Insaan net worth.

Who is Triggered Insaan? What is Triggered Insaan Real Name?

The real name of Triggered Insaan is Nischay Malhan. He is a famous Indian YouTuber who posts various types of videos, most of which are funny and comedic. Nischay Malhan runs the YouTube channel with the name Triggered Insaan which eventually became his name as well and people began calling him with this name only.

He was born on 14th November, 1995 in Delhi, India. He is currently 26 years old. On the internet and social media, Nishchay is known as Triggered Insaan and Live Insaan. He is included among India’s top 50 YouTubers. 

He has not one but multiple channels on YouTube where he likes to post his work. On his primary channel, named Triggered Insaan, he posts roasting, reaction and amusing videos. While on his other channel, he does live streams and gaming. 

According to Triggered Insaan’s YouTube statistics, his channel receives over 1 million daily views. Apart from NIschay Malhan, his brother Abhishek Malhan and his sister Prerna Malhan also have their own YouTube channels, but their channels are not as famous as Triggered Insaan.

Nischay Malhan started a job after finishing his engineering degree from Delhi college. However, after a while, he became dissatisfied with his job and quit. After that, he started making short videos which he kept hidden from his parents until he got successful at what he did.

Triggered Insaan Net Worth, Age, Bio, Height, Wiki and Other Basic Details

Real Name / Full Name Nischay Malhan
Date of Birth 14th November 1995
Place of Birth Delhi, India
Alias Triggered Insaan
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Nationality Indian
Religion Hinduism
Ethnicity Brown
Profession YouTuber
Famous For Roasting Videos as Triggered Insaan
Father’s Name No Information Available
Mother’s Name No Information Available
Siblings Yes
Siblings’ Name Sister: Prerna Malhan

Brother: Abhishek Malhan

Relationship Status Single
Marital Status Unmarried
Triggered Insaan Girlfriend None
Height  5 Feet 9 Inches
Weight 70 Kg
Body Measurements Np Information Available
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Social Media Presence Yes
Educational Qualification Graduate

Triggered Insaan Girlfriend

There has been a lot of rumors of the famous YouTuber, Triggered Insan girlfriend. Even though many bloggers on the internet claim that Nischay Malhan from Triggered Insaan is involved in a relationship, there is no truth in the matter.

It is personally quoted by the famous Indian YouTuber in one of his videos on the internet, that he is currently not involved in any relationship and that Triggered Insaan girlfriend does not exist.

Triggered Insaan Girlfriend – Neha Malhan Age

Triggered Insaan is a famous Indian YouTuber whose name has been associated with many people. However, the relation between the individuals was non-existent in most of the cases.

Recently, Nischay Malhan or Triggered Insaan’s name was associated with one Neha Malhan. The internet was adamant that Neha Malhan is Triggered Insaan’s girlfriend. Following this rumor, many of his fans started looking up on the internet for information on the mentioned girl. Most people searched for Neha Malhan profile and Neha Malhan age.

However, all the search was a waste of time, as the YouTuber himself clarified in one of his videos that he does not have a girlfriend at the moment and is not involved in any relationship.

Triggered Insaan Net Worth and YouTube Career  

neha malhan age


Triggered Insaan is a successful and famous Indian YouTuber who runs several channels on the platform. He has a huge fan following with millions of subscribers. He is famous for posting roasting videos and reviews of various things on his YouTube channel, Triggered Insaan.

His primary source of income is dependent on his several YouTube channels for which he creates entertaining contents himself. Triggered Insaan net worth is stated below.

Triggered Insaan Net Worth 2 Million Dollars
Triggered Insaan Net Worth In Rupees 15-16 Crores Indian Rupees
Per Video Income 8+ Lakh Indian Rupees
Monthly Income 25+ Lakh Indian Rupees
Yearly Income 3+ Crores Indian Rupees

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