Top 10 Best IoT Solution Providers in the USA


Top 10 Best IoT Solution Providers in the USA

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The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the growing network of connected devices, sensors, and smart objects that are able to collect and exchange data over the internet. The wide range of industries that it can be applied to include healthcare, consumer electronics, the automotive industry. And many more. If you’re looking to improve your company’s IoT capabilities.

Check out these 10 best IoT solution providers in the USA below!

1. ScienceSoft 

Dedicated to delivering innovative solutions and providing world-class support. ScienceSoft is one of our favorite Internet of Things (IoT) solution providers. With expertise in multiple verticals and a track record for working with Fortune 500 companies, ScienceSoft continues to set itself apart as an expert in enterprise-grade software development and IT security. Whether you’re working on smart cars or smart devices, they can help you move forward on your projects. Also, if you’re looking for top cloud integration services, check out their best of breed packages. They are leading experts!

2. iTechArt

In business since 1999, iTechArt offers integrated software solutions, application development and full-service systems integration to clients ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. The company has been serving these customers through offices in Russia, India and Ukraine as well as a network of global partners. Today it supports clients operating across numerous industries including healthcare, telecommunications, energy and utilities, finance and retailing.

3. Oxagile

One of top IOT solution providers based out of Las Vegas, NV. Oxagile is known for their innovative technology and cutting edge solutions that they offer to businesses who need to integrate smart technology into their systems. Oxagile offers a cloud platform where companies can build applications with real time data collection and share it with anyone on any device.

4. Indium Software

An advanced software company founded in 2006, Indium Software has solutions for a range of mobile needs. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Indium Software develops its software platform using cutting-edge technology and high-quality expertise. Their best known products are Indium Wireless and Indium Video top of their class video/audio encoding and decoding services. Additionally, they’ve built an amazing business on an excellent reputation of providing reliable, high-quality systems to their clients worldwide.

5. Style Lab IoT Software Company

Style Lab is an American technology company that is widely known for their exclusive and cutting-edge IoT solutions. The company specializes in providing unique wearable technologies, cutting-edge electronics and comprehensive product development services to a variety of clients. They have received several awards throughout their years of operation. Including the Best Wearable App at CES (Consumer Electronics Show). Style Lab was featured as a finalist for Forbes America’s Most Promising Companies list.

6. Vertex Plus

Vertex Plus is one of the top IoT solution providers in the USA. They offer a variety of services, including IoT development, consulting, and implementation. Vertex Plus has a team of experienced professionals who are experts in IoT technology. They have successfully implemented IoT solutions for a variety of businesses, ranging from small businesses to large enterprises.

Vertex Plus has a strong track record of delivering quality IoT solutions. They have a proven track record of successful projects. Which has resulted in them being one of the top IoT solution providers in the USA. Vertex Plus is also committed to providing excellent customer service. They have a team of dedicated customer support representatives who are always available to help their clients with any questions or concerns they may have.

Overall, Vertex Plus is one of the top IoT solution providers in the USA. They offer a variety of services, have a proven track record of successful projects, and are committed to providing excellent customer service.

7. Cisco

With more than 500 employees, Cisco’s San Jose, California offices are home to one of their many software and services engineering organizations. The company has focused on Internet of Things solutions for decades, with a particular focus on development workflows and software architecture. Cisco offers both platforms (such as Jasper) and consulting services that span training. And testing environments, alongside platforms designed to help development teams build out smarter products faster.

8. Huawei

#1 on Forbes’s list of World’s Most Innovative Companies, Huawei delivers some of the most powerful internet of things (IoT) solutions. In fact, its Network Services platform for smart cities is a massive undertaking not only has it been implemented across three continents (Asia, Europe and America). But it supports both 4G/LTE and 5G networks. This isn’t just impressive when you consider how fast cellular technology changes; more than 130 major cities have adopted Huawei as their IoT provider! Here are just a few of them: Singapore, Dubai, Mexico City and Shenzhen. Talk about range… It also powers Canada’s first 5G city network for IoT in Edmonton, Alberta.

9. GE Digital

GE offers a range of software development kits (SDKs) and APIs, helping to speed up everything from predictive maintenance to asset health management. The company’s Predix platform provides a cloud-based environment for building industrial Internet applications, while GE’s Industrial Data Space collects data from devices and makes it available through visualization tools. In addition, GE provides remote monitoring and control capabilities across multiple networks. With its combination of hardware, software and cloud-based platforms, GE Digital is one of many providers on our list of top IoT solution providers.

10. IBM

This vendor stands out as one of the leaders in The Forrester WaveTM: Enterprise IOT Platforms, Q3 2017 report. It features a comprehensive portfolio with some top-of-the-line offerings. The company has proven it’s more than capable of serving large enterprise customers and is continuously working on its ecosystem to develop new partnerships. IBM offers several solutions, including Watson Internet of Things platform and Watson for Cyber Security.


In conclusion, the IoT solution providers mentioned in this article are some of the top companies in the USA that you can consider working with. They have a good track record and they offer a wide range of services that can be beneficial for your business. Do your research and decide which one would be the best fit for you and your specific needs.

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