quibus trainings digital marketing course in jaipur


Quibus Training Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur

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Digital Marketing, as the name suggests, is promoting a product or service online over different platforms from social media to search engines. Students looking forward to pursue digital marketing course first should make sure to know the best course providing institutes with placements and affordable fees.

Quibus Digital Marketing Training Institute provides the best digital marketing course in jaipur. Furthermore, it provides six months of extensive internship training to perfect a student in every phase of digital marketing. Digital marketing course is handy but extremely informational.

Quibus Digital Marketing Training Institute

The course can be both short term of just 3 months as well as long term for a year or in terms of degree. Quibus Digital Marketing Institute is a leading platform and enriches the value of education. It involves a practical approach and makes students first work on dummy projects and then on live projects as well.

Quibus Digital Marketing Course – The Path to Better Future

Here are some of the reasons how the Quibus digital marketing course will pave way for a better future. More than secure, the profession is diverse and will not bore you after a duration of a year like many other professions.

No Entrance Exams and Global Reach-

The mere requirement to join any digital marketing course is just 50% marks in the 12th standard. Furthermore, it is a skill-based profession and does not require any entrance exams. It provides many opportunities globally as well as in India. Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to even work for a company based in the US comfortably from your homes.

More Skill-based learning pattern-

Students often go behind the respected college degrees but never look into the teaching and knowledge gained from these degrees. Eventually, this will not help in the future, as every job requires skills to do it and not mere knowledge. Furthermore, the digital marketing course provided by Quibus Training Institute is remarkable in providing skills eventually leading to success.

Endless Opportunities-

It is affordable as compared to any other degree course as well as feasible. Consequently, the returns are way better than many other professional courses. It is a short duration course saving time from unnecessary orientation and teaching timesaving skills. Furthermore, The Qualification and certifications of Quibus Digital Marketing Institute are acceptable worldwide.

You can work part time or can be freelancer, you have endless opportunities open for you.. You can launch your own startup with the help of digital marketing or can have an opportunity to be an online celebrity. Knowing the correct way of digital marketing can add wings to your future.

Quibus Step by Step Guide to get Skills of Digital Marketing

Step 1: Get to know Basics

In the first month of the digital marketing course at Quibus, the basics are taught from scratch such that students who do not come from an IT backgrounds can understand the terms.

Step 2: Start Your Own Website

From next month a website is made on WordPress which can differ as per student’s wish. The website is made by the student under the supervision of the Mentor, Paramveer Sir himself.

Step 3: Become an SEO Expert

Once the website is made, then content writing is done on the website. The SEO or Search Engine Optimisation part is taught here on the live website. Students learn everything from keyword research to content creation and back-linking.

Step 4: Get a Google Ads Certificate

Once the On-page, as well as Off-Page SEO, is taught to the students, The course moves towards Search engine marketing and teaches Google Ads and Google Analytics.

Step 5: Master Facebook Ads Certification

Once done with Search engine marketing, Social media management, and brand awareness is the next step towards the digital marketing course completion. Facebook Ads and platforms like Pinterest and Linked In are taught to the students.

Step 7: Get a Digital Marketing Training at Quibus

As students complete their classes, Examinations are conducted to judge every student’s knowledge, and accordingly the training starts. In Quibus DM training, students can easily understand the day-to-day working of a digital marketer.

Step 8: Learn to Use Digital Marketing Tools

Through training, students can learn digital marketing tools like google search console, Google My Business, etc. Students work on live projects and are ready to add real value to the company.

Trainer at Quibus Digital Marketing Institute

Paramveer Singh Sindhu Sir is mentor at Quibus DM Training Institute. He has taught thousands of students and embarked their future on to the successful journey. The Quibus institute was founded by Paramveer sir with a belief that the internet has immense potential and will play a major role in shaping the future of the country. Here are some of the achievements of Paramveer Sir.

  • 10+ Year Industry Experience
  •  Proud YouTube Silver Button Achiever
  •  Taught Thousands of Students
  •  3.4 Million Answer Views on Quora
  •  Involved in YouTube Community with 18 Lacs Subs.
  •  Own YouTube Production House
  •  Been a Part of Political Party IT Cell
  •  Founder of Quibus Technosys ( Digital Marketing Agency )
  •  Worked with more than 100 clients

Quibus Certificates offered in Digital Marketing and Fees

Quibus DM training Institute is affordable as it provides courses at a minimum fee of INR 35,000 for 3 months of certification. Although there are many other digital marketing Institutes for you to select.


Doing a digital marketing course, or doing it from the right institute are two different things. Many people believe that doing a 4-month course from some website for Free will make them digital Marketers. Then, it is irrational. Doing the course from the right place is extremely important. Quibus Training institute is your one-way ticket to the world of digital marketing.

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