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Is iTop VPN A Good Utility?

iTop VPN

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When looking for a suitable VPN for a PC, you will encounter several options, and you need to pick the best. Several factors determine how good a VPN is, and you should always consider them when looking for a functional service.

Under our radar is iTop VPN, which has rave reviews from users who appreciate its convenience. So, how good is this VPN service? Stick on as we look at the various attributes and features of this VPN to see how good it is.

It Has a Free Version

The first thing to love about this utility is that you can use it for free. A free version exists that is suitable for beginners. You directly download it from the website; you do not need to create an account before using it.

The free version works as well as your standard VPN, allowing you to browse safely by hiding your IP address. Additionally, you can change your location to access geo-restricted content. Nevertheless, it has few features, such as a 700MB data bandwidth, which is pretty low, especially if you use the internet a lot.

Affordable Plans

The free version is good but lacks some useful resources. After testing it on your device and getting promising results, you must go pro to get more features. iTop VPN has three packages to pick from, lasting 12, 24, and 36 months and the subscription fee is $11.99 per month, which is affordable.

You can enjoy amazing discounts of up to 86%, an excellent bargain, considering the many features you get. They include access to more than 1800 VIP servers worldwide, unlimited bandwidth, and enhanced internet speeds. 

Its Legitimacy

This VPN is a product of iTop, a brand that spares no effort in giving legitimate computing utilities. The VPN is legit, an attribute that you appreciate in many facets. For instance, it delivers on its promise of free services. Also, it has a great privacy policy that safeguards your information, preventing its access by unauthorized third parties.

Customer Support

A crucial factor to consider when getting a VPN for Windows is how efficient its customer support is. iTop VPN has a helpful support team that comes to your aid if you have any problems using its services. The team is highly responsive and will get to you promptly. You will have your issue sorted out fast so that you get back to enjoying your VPN experience.

Operating System Compatibility

This iTop product is highly adaptable, evident where it works with multiple operating systems. You can use it on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems. You can see it not only works with PCs but also with smartphones. Moreover, a single account can support up to five devices. 


This piece answers a common question on iTop VPN, looking at how good it is. It presents some selling points that hint at its excellence. It is easy to use, and you will have a fulfilling surfing time with it on your device, even as a beginner.  You will have access to servers around the world including the VPN UAE or other places. Try out this utility and take advantage of its many impressive features. 

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