What is an IP Address? What are the IP Types?


What is an IP Address? What are the IP Types?

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What is an IP Address? What are the IP Types?

What is an IP AddressWhat are the IP Types? Hello dear hosting.com.tr followers, as we mentioned in the title, What is IP Address ? and What are the IP Types? We will answer your questions and examine the details.

What is an IP Address?

We can say that each device that is connected to the internet environment, that is, has network access and is defined by the internet service provider (ISP) to which it is connected, has an identification code or a name. The abbreviation of the word IP, which we have seen in its abbreviated form, is called internet protocol.

It is a structure consisting of 4-digit numbers with numbers in the range 0-255 for each device. For example, IP address is the static IP address of the server where our hosting.com.tr site is located. For this reason, if you write the IP address I mentioned directly in the URL section of the browser, you can see that you can enter it without typing hosting.com.tr. A static IP defined to your device cannot work with the same IP address on a different second device. The error you will see when you try to do this will be the error that there was an IP conflict.

In the rest of our article, we will explain the types and basic headings of the IP address, and the technical terms you may encounter.

IP addresses are basically divided into two. One is called static IP and the other is called dynamic IP.

What is Static IP?

Static rope can be interpreted as fixed, non-variable, and static when we start from the word’s meaning. The usage purposes are to make RDP access to the server, to access the security camera system from outside, and to host your files by creating an FTP server, no matter what network or device you are on, with the static IP defined to your computer or server, it will always deliver to the device you want after certain security steps.

In order to obtain a static IP, as I mentioned in the introduction of our article, you must also make a request through your internet service provider. Of course, it should be noted that acquiring static rope is an extra need and may be paid for.

What is Dynamic IP?

Dynamic IP, unlike static IP addresses, is the most widely used IP address that we use in our homes and daily work. Dynamic ip, which has low risk in terms of security and is cheap in terms of material, is included in the service that internet service providers give to users as a priority.

What is Local IP?

Local IP is actually referred to with 127.0.0.x and 192.168.xx IP addresses, which we often come across. Their purpose is to function as a static rope on our own computer. It is the IP address that is not open to the Internet and is used to receive a response from the structure we have established within ourselves. At the beginning of the usage area, it is used to access the interface of our modems in our homes, test our coding applications, and to see how they will work in the internet environment.

Running Out of IP Resources!

IP addresses are numbers consisting of 4 octets, each of which is 8 bits. For example, the IP address 77,245.159.2 is a 4-octet and 32-bit IP address. However, due to the fact that IP addresses are in use today, close to five billion, the resources are almost exhausted. Therefore, ipv6 technology will be used in the near future and infrastructure preparations are being made for this version. IP addresses can be accessed with numbers between and

IP Address for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Each IP address has a class. These classes are classified as A-ClassB ClassC ClassD Class, and E Class.

A Class A thread has a value between 0-127.
B Class I P is in the range of 128-191 IP numbers.
C Class IP is in the range of 192-223 IP.
D Class IP is in the 224-239 IP address range.
E Class IP is in the range of 240-255 IP addresses.

Users and website designers prefer C Class IP to increase the SEO values ​​of their websites. To give another example, Class B IP addresses are mostly preferred in hospital and school networks.

IP addresses are also used in cases where illegal transactions are tracked with log records and provide convenience. It also generates data for websites. These data include the site’s traffic, statistics, access from countries, impressions, and fraud tracking.

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