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If you’re looking for a place to catch up on your VMP Live News, you’ve come to the right place. This week’s show features news from the NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series, the Vaccine Makers Project, and more. While you’re reading the news, consider the following:

VMp Portal

The VMP, or Virtual Mentoring Portal, provides a safe platform for mentors and mentees to continue their relationship or to start a new one. This solution offers chat and email functionality, and is designed to make the entire mentoring process easy for both parties. With these features, mentoring programs can offer virtual mentoring to existing mentees who are over the age of 13.

VMp Live

If you’re a racing fan, it’s worth tuning into VMP Live News.  In fact, their database now services more than 2000 customers, including Boeing, General Electric, Gregstrom, and Rotonics Manufacturing Inc., in addition to many smaller companies.

VMp Live is a software platform for online media, which combines various publishing services for digital media such as live streaming, on-demand and live TV. The platform allows businesses to manage, share and syndicate digital media. It will help businesses improve the workflows of live video production to improve collaboration and increase efficiency. It is available as a standalone product or an add-on to Niagara. VMp Live software can be purchased as a standalone product or an add-on in conjunction with Niagara appliances.

NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series

If you’re into drag racing, the NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series may be the one for you. The National Hot Rod Association organizes this drag racing competition series, and it features the top competitions in Top Fuel Dragster, Funny Car, Pro Stock, and Pro Stock Motorcycle. You can view upcoming events and buy tickets to NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series races online. You can even watch the races on TV if you have cable or satellite television.

Vaccine Makers Project (VMP)

Vaccine makers are the people who make vaccines. They make content that explains the science of vaccines and why they work to prevent disease. The information is scientifically supported, historical, and emotionally compelling. Vaccine makers discuss different kinds of germs, the scientific method, and biomedical research. In addition, they discuss their lives. The Vaccine Makers Project is available for streaming online or on their Facebook page.

Order online system

Customers will still be able to access phone support. Using this system can double the sales of the company within 18 months. With this new system, VMP will no longer need to raise prices, a feat it has accomplished without raising prices for over five years.

EOPM series

Virginia Motorsports Park (VMP) has long been one of the best drag racing parks on the east coast, and EOPM is proud to be a part of their growing series. VMP has a brand new management team with long-time track operator Allen Carpenter at the helm. Check out VMP’s EOPM series page for the latest on the series. In addition to EOPM, the track is also home to Charlie Buck Racing Engines.

NHRA Triple Threat Bracket Series

The NHRA Triple Threat Bracket Series returns to Virginia Motorsports Park on February 23-24. The series features big money bracket racing in a 10-20-10 format and a total weekend entry fee of $400. Watch the action live on MMTV on Friday and Saturday at noon. If you miss any of the races, catch the highlights on VMP Live News.

Vaccine Makers Project

They produce high-quality historical, and scientifically backed content that is both entertaining and informative. Each segment covers various topics, ranging including the various varieties of diseases and germs to the method of science and biomedical research. Each segment is geared towards educating purpose, and is designed to present a balanced impartial, and objective analysis of the challenges facing public health.

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