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What is the biggest mistake a marketer or business owner can make? (followers on facebook)  Relying too heavily on your opinions and ideas. Studies consistently show a gap between what marketers believe consumers want and what they want.

Best online survey tools – Marketer perception vs. consumer perception

Online surveys are the best way to gain a fundamental understanding of your audience. Online surveys. This post will cover the Four best online surveys you can use to meet your customers’ needs.

  • They’re the best!
  • Notable free features
  • Paid Plans and Features

Online survey tools: Why?

Customer and employee satisfaction are critical factors in the success of any business. It should be a habit to seek feedback from these groups: regularly.

  • Conduct market research.
  • Get feedback from customers about the quality of customer service.
  • Ask your ideal or current customers for feedback.
  • Employee satisfaction.
  • Your message should be clear and persuasive.

Survey showing the importance of customer service – best online survey tools This is the easiest way to do it. You can use an online survey tool. There are many such tools.

  • Get free plans with the option to upgrade to gain access to more powerful features.
  • Let people get in touch with you and begin collecting feedback and data from large numbers of people.
  • Data analysis tools can make sense of the feedback received and act accordingly.

These are the 4 best online surveys available for free

It has never been easier for you to gain the insights essential to your business’ success. These are Four of the best survey tools that can help you.

  1. Google Forms
  2. SurveyMonkey
  3. Typeform
  4. Jotform

1. Google Forms: The best 100% free tool

Google is well-known for providing some of the most popular and widely used free business tools.

Notable free features

Google Forms has some of the best features:

  • Responses to spreadsheets. You can have responses automatically sent to Google Sheets to view, filter, and sort your data in any way that you like.
  • Use your logo, branded banners, and brand colors to keep your brand consistent.
  • Avoid logic and page branching. You can create frictionless, customized experiences for your survey participants by guiding them through the survey in a structured way (and asking thoughtful questions that don’t force them to answer unnecessary questions).
  • Media options. To give the surveyors context and instructions, add images or videos.
  • Data analysis features. You can see the percentage of participants who selected a particular answer and make better-informed decisions.

You’ll find that most online survey tools you can access are freemium. Google Forms is a free tool that Google has generously provided features.

2. SurveyMonkey: The best for short surveys

SurveyMonkey has “20 million questions answered each day” and is one of the most popular online survey tools.

  • Maximum number of surveys possible
  • Maximum questions per survey: 10
  • Maximum response: 10 per survey

Survey monkey – the best online survey tool – is free!

Notable free features

SurveyMonkey’s free plan gives you access to:

  • Three collectors. You can send your surveys via links, website embeds, or email to up to three recipients.
  • 40 quick survey templates. Modifying existing surveys will save you time and make it easier to create them.
  • Filter. You can compare the responses of different groups to your survey questions.

If you can create simple surveys, the accessible version of this survey software will work.

Paid Plans and Features

SurveyMonkey offers paid plans for individuals and teams.

  1. Standard Monthly for $99 per Month: Features include unlimited questions per survey and 1,000 responses per month, unlimited collectors, 180 templates, unlimited collection, and unlimited collectors.
  2. Standard Annual $192 per Year: Unlimited surveys, ten questions, 40 responses per survey, three collectors, and more.
  3. Advantage Annual: $384 per Year: Unlimited surveys and questions, 5,000 responses per annum, priority email support, etc.
  4. Premier Annual: $1,428 per Year: Unlimited surveys, questions per questionnaire, ad collectors, and 7,500 responses per annum. Priority email support is available, as well as 180+ templates.

There are also plans for both teams and companies.

3. Typeform: Best user experience

Typeform, like SurveyMonkey, is a popular online survey creator tool. It’s well-known for its effectiveness in gathering customer feedback. The company claims 87% of users gain more profound insights using its tool than other online survey tools.

  • Maximum number of surveys possible
  • Maximum questions per survey: 10
  • Maximum responses: 10 responses per month

Typeform: The best online survey tools for free

Notable free features

Typeform is included in the free Typeform plan.

  • Logic jumps. Logic jumps are usually a paid feature. They allow survey takers to skip to the most relevant questions based on their responses.
  • You can send collected data to other apps using Zapier,, and Slack.
  • You can create surveys from scratch or use one of the templates provided by Typeform.
  • Data downloads. Save survey insights as a PDF and keep them safe.

Typeform’s user experience is unmatched from start to finish. The onboarding process is quick and straightforward. It also allows users to experience what it’s like to fill out Typeforms. This gives them confidence in deciding to sign-up. The user interface is modern and straightforward. This allows for efficient survey creation and great experiences for survey respondents.

Paid Plans and Features

Are you thinking of upgrading to a paid version of the software? These are your options.

  1. Basic starting at $29 per Month: Features include 100 responses per month with an eternal question, file uploads, and payment acceptance.
  2. Plus, $59 per Month: Up to 1,000 responses per user, three users, custom URLs, and subdomains, as well as redirects and redirects.
  3. For $99 per Month, Business: Up to 10,000 Responses per Month, Drop-Off Rates, Advanced Embed Options, Analytics Features, Priority Support, Drop-Off Rates, Drop-Off Rates, Drop-Off Rates, Dropping Rates, Drop-Off rates, Advanced embed Options, Analytics Features, Priority Support, and so forth.

Enterprise plans can also be purchased if you require custom response limits and seats, custom domains, branding, Single Sign On, etc.

4. Jotform: Most complete freemium plan

Jotform is another popular online survey tool. You can create complex surveys with the free plan because it has many flexible features.

  • Maximum number of surveys 5
  • Maximum questions per survey: 100
  • Maximum response: 100 per month (with 500 total submissions).

Notable free features

Jotform’s Free Plan: What is it that stands out?

  • There are thousands of templates. Jotform claims they have the most significant number of templates for free online. With more than 7,000 available, it’s easy to believe.
  • 100+ integrations. Automated sync data from forms with existing tools for better information management and time savings.
  • 40+ payment gateways. Some online survey tools do not offer payment gateways, while others only have a handful, such as Stripe and PayPal. Jotform gives you access to over 40 payment gateways so you can accept payments easily.
  • 100+ widgets. You can go beyond the essential form elements and fields. Add widgets to e-signatures and form calculations, checklists, inventory, and PDF embeds.

Paid Plans and Features

Jotform also offers four paid versions.

  1. Bronze starting at $29 per Month: Includes up to 25 forms, up to 1,000 monthly submissions, and 10,000 total submissions. 250 fields per form. No Jotform branding.
  2. Silver starting at $39 per Month: 50 forms, 2,500 monthly submissions, 25,000 storage, HIPAA compliance, and more.
  3. Gold starting at $99 per Month: 100 forms, 10,000 monthly submissions, 100,000 total submissions and 1,000 monthly payment submissions.
  4. Enterprise: This requires a custom quote. Includes unlimited everything, custom domains, and white-labeling.

However, jotform has more limitations than other tools: monthly and total submissions and monthly form views. It also allows for fields per form and monthly submissions of payments. You will need to monitor how many surveys you create. The survey tool’s quality and completeness can make the extra work worthwhile.

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