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How to Color Etch Designs on Glass using Armour Etch Cream?

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Are you looking for an inexpensive method or technique to transform your kitchen glassware with color etching designs? Etching and coloring are two different techniques to get the best color to etch designs on glass, mirrors, and glassware. Use high-quality etching cream such as Armour Etch cream for etching and either use the coloring wax or paint tints after etching for colorful patterns. 

This article will bring you some fresh ideas to perform on your glassware and other home improvement glass accessories, such as a fishing bowl or glass vases. Continue reading to know how to color etched glass with acrylic paint? 

3 Techniques to Get Color Etch Designs on Glass

Many people misunderstand that etching can be colorful on glass surfaces. They think etching and colored etching designs are entirely different. The fantastic part is that you can transform them with colors if you have already etched glassware. Using the glass etching stencils, you can get fantastic etched patterns, but for colored patterns, it will be required to color the glass. Here are some easy methods that you can try to get the professional color to etch glass designs. 

Technique 1: Color etch with Pinata Tints

Pinata Tints have multimedia applications as a translucent pigment color, stain, or dye on the surfaces. Regardless of the nature of the surface, whether it is porous or non-porous, use Pinata tint directly on the surfaces such as glass, frosted glass, wicker, wood, and paper. Rub n Buff color waxing, and the Pinata tints are the best combination to get the color etching results. 


To get professional color to etch designs, you will need a few arts and crafts supplies, including the glass stencils, Armour Etch best etching cream, Pinata tints, and paintbrushes. Etch the surface with the best etching cream first. Once etching is done, get the soft watercolor effect by using a brush to apply Pinata tint on the etch design and immediately wipe off the color with a damp paper towel.

Different effects can be achieved with a transparent glass paint base such as Pianta tint. For example, if you want to create a stained-glass look, paint the tint on the etched pattern and let it dry for some time. Further, outline the pattern with black or silver color for a leaded glass look and allow it to dry. Then, fill the pattern with Pinata tint and get your desired look. Surely, you will love the results. 

Technique 2: Color Etch with Rub N Buff 

Rub N Buff is another popular technique to get the color to etch designs on the glassware. Rub N Buff is a wax type that contains metallic or pigment powder. The technique is effortless to color the etched designs. You will need some art supplies such as gloves, a dry paper towel, and rubbing alcohol for this technique. 


Perform etching on the surface using the best etching cream Armour Etch and engraving stencils. Follow Armour etch instructions to get professional results. Once the etching is done, wear gloves for the second part of the process. Apply a little amount of Rub N Buff wax on your gloved finger and apply it to the etched design by patting. Leave it for a few seconds, and then buff it off with a dry paper towel. You will be amazed by the results. 

Technique 3: Oil-based Paint Pens for Color Etch Designs

Oil-based paint pens are best for coloring the etched designs on the mirrors and glass surfaces. Oil-based paint pens are also perfect for coloring the etched designs in various colors. If you want to decorate the etched design with multiple colors, cover the part of the design where you don’t want a particular color. 


First, prepare the glass paint by shaking the pan thoroughly. Next, remove the capo and let the paint flow from the pen. Once your pens are ready, color in the designs where you want the color to etch. Finally, wipe off the paint from the surface before it dries. It will give a buffed color effect on the glass surface that looks amazing on the glass trays, vases, and candleholders. 

After looking at the techniques mentioned above, you know how to permanently color etched glass. Rub N Buff is the best color etching technique among the three techniques that don’t contaminate the uncolored pattern and give professional results. If you are looking for an online resource where to buy Armour Etch and color etch supplies, explore US HUB Wholesale. One of the best wholesale art supplies distributors has a wide range of products at wholesale rates.

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