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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An iPhone Mobile App?

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It is one of the popularly asked questions, especially by the entrepreneurs who want to create their own digital business platform.

While many brands have shared the answer to this question, people are still unfamiliar about the same. Thus, we, an iPhone app development company, are here to help you understand the same in a simpler manner.  

Today with the help of this blog, we will throw light on development aspects that will allow you to comprehend the bigger picture.  

So without any further ado, let’s understand the building cost of an app in a simple manner…

The cost of building an iPhone app is just like getting your graduation degree. You can either join a community college without putting much effort and get your degree. Or you can work hard, spend your time and resources to join an IVY league college for graduation. 

A mobile application is something you can get for free or at a minimum cost. 

But if your goal is to trigger your revenue funnel or flawlessly streamline online & offline business operations from an application, you need to invest your time, efforts and other resources.

Doing this could cost you anywhere in between hundreds to thousands of dollars. 

So if someone hires a top mobile app development company, the brood will share a cost that progressively affects the entire process. 

There are several factors that the development team takes under consideration while deciding the cost of any MVP, CAW project or a complete product.

For MVP, CAW or a complete product development, app creators allocate a dedicated team of analysts, designers, developers and project managers. 

For starters they consider the time that is being allocated for market research and analysis. To this they add the time of resources, these include full time and part time developers, project managers, designers and QA analysts.

In addition to this, app development companies also consider the time spent on integrating the features and functionalities also adds to the cost. 

1. Cost For An MVP

For an MVP, a development company allocates a team of researchers, developers, analysts, designers and project managers. 

Generally, building the most viable product takes around three to five months, and the cost of development can range anywhere in between 30 to 80K USD.

2. Cost For CAW

Concept Analysis Workshop or CAW includes analysis, design, prototype, wireframing, and R&D of the mobile application. The complete process is 10 to 20% of the project cost & can take upto five to seven weeks for development. 

The cost of building CAW can range anywhere in between 7 to 20K USD.

3. Cost For Complete Product

Creation of a complete product or an application usually takes longer than building an MVP or CAW. The reason behind this is ongoing cost necessary for maintenance and growth of the product.

It can never be done in one go as it always needs optimization, addition and enhancement of features and making modifications depending upon the market analysis and user’s feedback. 

The cost of creating a complete product can range anywhere in between 40K to 500K USD. 

What costs more- Android or iPhone App Development? 

There isn’t much difference between iOS and Android app development if it is being built on native technology. 

If a business wants to build the same native app for Android and iOS then a top mobile app development company would be allocating two separate teams of developers, designers and project managers, which would cost more.

Another option here is to allocate a cross platform app development team where the amount would be less. 

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