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Gojek Clone : Benefits To Multi Service Industries In 2022

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Gojek Clone App is a multi-service digital platform where your customers can find an array of services on-demand. From being the sorcerer for entrepreneurs to being the first choice of customers to fulfill their needs, this on-demand app has changed the ball game for many industries. Being a multi-service app doesn’t mean that it offers maybe a couple of services! Rather, this holistic mobile application offers 82+ services to the customers. 

 On-demand Multi-service App: What Are The Major Benefits to Service Industries?

Now that’s an intelligent question that most entrepreneurs forget to address. Suppose, you already own a restaurant that offers doorstep deliveries as well. Now, using the app will not only streamline your operations but also help you EXPAND! 

Besides, the on-demand multi-service platform will help you deepen your roots in other industries as well. For instance, you’ll own the restaurant business but at the same time, you can also get into transportation & logistics, the beauty & wellness industry, healthcare, and so much more, 

7 Service Components You Can Rule Over With Gojek Clone App

The 7 components of this top-notch super app are: 

  1. Online taxi booking 
  2. Online video consultation 
  3. Bid for services virtually in real-time 
  4. On-demand service providers 
  5. On-demand delivery from stores 
  6. Parcel delivery 
  7. Delivery genie and errand-runner 

How Does Developing White-Label Multi Delivery App Solution Benefit Different Industries?

This app is white-labeled by the experts. White-labeling means that the app is completely rebranded and personalized according to the entrepreneur’s needs. In other words, it also means that the application is tailored to represent the entrepreneurs’ brand, its uniqueness, and its purpose. 

     1. On-demand taxi industry 

The Gojek clone app helps users to book a taxi from wherever they are. This taxi will take them from their pickup location to their destination. The app makes it easy for the rider, rider’s friends & family, driver, and the admin to track the ride. With its GPS-enabled system, the rider can choose to pause the ride at their desired location to eat, shop, or stop! From the SOS button to the feedback section, the taxi booking industry is now covering a market size of $34.82 billion in 2022 (The Business Research Company)

     2. On-demand services 

Who has got the time to schedule visits to the spa, salon, car washer, or mechanic’s shop? With this top-notch super app, your customers can call the professionals at their doorstep! Your customers can choose the category of service they want, select the professional of their choice, schedule the services according to their needs, etc. 

In short, the industry is going to earn big without you having to stay on the field or having a single ounce of knowledge about the industry! 

     3. On-demand deliveries 

On-demand deliveries have already made many people purchase things online. Even way before the Gojek clone app was introduced, people were habituated to ordering stuff online and getting it delivered to their homes! 

However, this app has changed how even online deliveries worked! The customers no longer need to manually call the restaurant, place the order, and ask for home delivery. In current times, the customers can search for the items they want, add them to the cart, customize the meal through the app, and place a pre-paid order. Moreover, the app provides the option for: 

  • Normal delivery 
  • Contactless delivery 
  • Takeaway

Similarly, other industries have been touched with the grace of this app giving customers the benefits of: 

  • Immediate order updates via notifications 
  • Location tracking and estimated time of arrival 
  • Covid-19 safe deliveries 
  • OTP Verification to start the task 
  • Increases online transitions 

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To sum up the blog, I’d only like to say that the Gojek clone app is the future of service industries! From offering convenience and comfort to the customers and the opportunity to become a millionaire to the entrepreneurs, this app has become a priceless asset! 

Get this app today if you too want to become the famous millionaire of 2022!

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