CA Foundation Exams 2022 Study Tips


CA Foundation Exams 2022 – Topper’s Preparation Tips

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Students preparing to appear for the CA Foundation Exams of December 2022 attempt might be planning on how to study and clear their exams with good scores.

Despite being the first level of the CA Course, CA Foundation exams are difficult to crack. You must devote yourself entirely to your study to pass the CA Foundation exams and continue moving forward with this challenging course. Furthermore, you must be consistent with your efforts and constantly motivate yourself.

The CA Foundation Result for June 2022 is about to release soon. And while talking to the high achievers of the VSI Jaipur institute about their exams and preparation, we feel that there are a few things that are common in all of them.

Hence, in this post, we’ll share the CA Foundation exam preparation tips from the toppers. We all know that “Winners do not do different things; they do things differently.” Hence, let’s check what strategies and techniques the VSI toppers follow apart from VSI’s guidance to achieve success in their CA Foundation exam. Here, you might be thinking, why VSI?

VSI Jaipur is the best CA Coaching in India that has helped hundreds of students in getting All India Ranks in the CA exams.

Toppers Tips For The CA Foundation Exams

1. Understanding the CA Foundation Syllabus and Papers

The most important CA Foundation exam tip is to understand the syllabus and its exam pattern. The foundation course has four subjects, including:

  1. Principles and Practices of Accounting.
  2. Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting.
  3. Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning and Statistics.
  4. Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge.

Commerce students might have covered some papers at their school level. Yet, mathematics, law, and other subjects need more attention. Hence, getting well-versed with each CA Foundation exam paper will facilitate better exam preparation.

2. Adhere to a Strict Study TimeTable for CA Foundation

Planning is the most crucial component of your CA foundation preparation. Numerous students cannot finish their CA Foundation curriculum before examination dates. However, the intensive study schedule enables students to finish the curriculum on time and be ready for the mock test series.

Furthermore, despite the vast course, VSI’s tailored study plan and guidance help students prepare to the fullest for the CA Foundation exams.

3. Joining a Good CA Foundation Coaching

Numerous students fail in CA Foundation since they undermine the importance of good coaching. Due to the lack of adequate guidance, they can’t clear the exams. Moreover, teachers have a significant effect on students’ academic success. Therefore, many toppers consider that CA Foundation coaching would significantly aid your understanding of the subjects.

If you intend to pass CA Foundation in a single try, VSI’s CA Foundation coaching will be the best for you. If you live outside Jaipur, you may still enrol in the CA Foundation online courses VSI Jaipur offers.

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4. Concentrate More On Comprehension Than On Memorizing

When preparing for CA Foundation Exams, you should emphasize understanding above memorizing. Further, your memory will only store information for 10–15 days, after which you would need a thorough review. However, if you focus on comprehension, you may retain information in examinations. This is the common preparation tip for the CA Foundation exams that we received from many toppers.

5. Try To Take Small Intervals

If you consistently study, you will get frustrated, and your study hours will increase instead of your effective hours. Therefore, study breaks should be short. After studying for two to three hours, you should always rest your thoughts for ten to fifteen minutes. With this, you may retain more information as it improves your productivity.

6. Set Goals

During your CA Foundation Preparation, always define some targets before beginning to study. It might be for a particular day, a specific amount of hours, or even a specific hour. Setting a goal will enable you to cover your course content on time effectively. Without goals, there is a higher chance that you will lose your valuable time.

7. Always Start With The Topic That Scares You

When preparing for your CA Foundation exams, you could have some subjects you might be scared of or make you feel less interested or tough to understand. However, they are essential for the exams. Therefore, instead of beginning with them afterwards, you must begin with them first. So this is important for strengthening your confidence that the most daunting portion of your preparation gets finished. And now you can focus on simple and easy subjects.

Moreover, you should also check the CA Foundation exam pattern, as it will help in knowing what, when and how to study.

Should You Join CA Coaching For CA Foundation Exams Preparation?

A coaching institute and its faculty members have a crucial impact on a student’s final outcome. Several students pass this exam without preparation and with merely passing grades. However, conceptual clarity is vital from the beginning since Chartered Accountancy is a significant journey where you need to put your understanding and skills into your profession. So good CA Foundation coaching will help you gain a better understanding of the subjects and better clarity of the concepts.

When you join coaching, you study with high-calibre teachers and students, creating an excellent atmosphere to study hard and remain competitive. Additionally, the encouragement and motivation from the faculty will enhance your determination and willpower.

Which Is The Best CA Foundation Coaching In India?

Choosing the best CA Foundation coaching is no longer a challenge since everyone knows that VSI Jaipur is a well-known name for helping students become CA. Moreover, with 7 All India Rank holders, VSI Jaipur is the number one choice for all CA aspirants and CA Foundation exams.

VSI has experienced staff and faculty that help students to finish their entire syllabus on time. Additionally, qualified and experienced teachers present a variety of tactics, tips, and easy procedures for resolving problems in several subjects.

The students also receive personalized guidance and recommendations on how to perform better. Further, they conduct frequent mock tests, depending on which students also get a customized timetable and guidance. The faculty offers well-curated subject content that facilitates better concept clearance.

One of the best things is that VSI Jaipur offers online and recorded classes. So any student can take advantage of the classes, participate in the mock steps, and avail of all the benefits anywhere from India.

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So as mentioned above, it is always essential that you must have expert guidance for CA Foundation Exams. With VSI Jaipur’s expert guidance, course materials, and subject content, be assured that you will not just pass the CA Foundation. Rather, you will secure the best score along with concept clearance. Join VSI Jaipur today.

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