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Tooth Extractions Benefits and Procedure

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Tooth extraction is the best way to help you eliminate severe tooth decay pain. Mostly only in rare cases, the tooth extractions are advised by the dentists, but in most cases, they suggest suitable tooth replacement procedures.
Some of the best dental clinics in Chennai offer tooth extractions and also several other tooth replacement options.
But do you know that these tooth extractions also have some benefits, which we will see here in this article? Not only the benefits, but we’ll have a deep discussion about the tooth extraction. Read it more to know more.

What is a Tooth Extractions?

It is a dental procedure in which the tooth is extracted due to severe damage or many other reasons, Tooth extractions are performed by the general dentists and sometimes by the periodontists varying on the type of the treatment.
Tooth extractions helps you get rid of the existing tooth problems and prevent further spreading the problems to the other tooth. Consult the best dentists near you for a better tooth extraction experience.

What are the cases in which you may need a tooth extractions?

You may need the tooth extractions in the following cases;

Severe tooth decay:

In case you have severe tooth decay in such a case you may require a tooth extractions. Mostly the tooth extractions are replaceable only in a few cases; there are chances that your tooth decay may not be replaceable by any other tooth procedures and ends up being extracted alone.

Fractured tooth:

A fractured tooth is also supposed to be removed as it cannot grow again, which is usually natural. Hence in such cases, the doctor might advise the patient to extract the teeth.
The causes of teeth fracture could be due to several things, either due to the strong bite force, minor injuries to the teeth, etc.

An impacted tooth:

This is a condition in which the tooth fails to erupt from your gums and stops its growth, thereby due to overcrowded teeth.
An impacted tooth is sometimes suggested to be removed by the dentist as it causes unusual pain and can annoy you, which can also attract certain foods stuck in your mouth.

Gum diseases:

Gum diseases can cause a huge impact on your dental health, resulting in tooth loss, which is the main cause of the dental and oral issues in your teeth. Your dentists may advise you to extract your teeth in cases of tooth loss caused due to any gum conditions.

So these were some cases in which you might require to extract your teeth.

What are the benefits of tooth extractions?

Eliminates Pain:

If you suffer from tooth decay or cavities, you may suffer from severe tooth pain and sensitivity. This condition can be improved by removing your teeth from the roots, eliminating tooth pain to a certain extent.

Protects neighbouring tooth:

There are chances that your teeth can cause trouble to the neighbouring tooth as well. In such a case, removing your entire teeth from the root is suggested to help your other neighbouring tooth from cavities and tooth decay.

Stops infection:

The tooth extraction helps stop the spread of infection and cavities in your mouth, which can be prevented by removing the tooth from the roots.
So these are some amazing benefits of tooth extractions.

List out some best procedures for replacing your missing teeth?

Here are a few best procedures for replacing your teeth;

Dental Implants:

They are one of the best tooth replacement options to fill gaps in your missing teeth. Dental implants come here with some best choices, like single and full mouth implants. If you have a single missing tooth, you can opt for single and full mouth implants if you have multiple missing teeth. It is one of the best tooth replacement procedures for missing teeth.

Removable partial dentures:

Dentures are the best option for those afraid of surgical procedures; they can better go for dentures. If you have missing teeth in a particular area of your mouth, you can opt for partial dentures.

Full mouth dentures:

This type of tooth replacement procedure is mostly adopted by older adults who have lost all their teeth for several reasons. In certain cases, it is also used by younger people who have lost multiple teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Benefits of tooth extractions:

When is there a need to extract your teeth?

Your teeth may demand an extraction if it is badly damaged by any periodontal disease, cavities, fractured tooth, or the tooth for several reasons.

Which is the best tooth extraction or the root canal?

The answer to this is it depends. In some cases, if the teeth is up to the extent that it can be treated, the root canal will be the best option, whereas in some cases, if the tooth is severely damaged, the dentist is left with no other option than to extract your teeth.

How painful is the tooth extractions procedure?

The advancement in dental technology has made this option a painless one. The tooth extractions is painless with the help of some sedative injections, medicines, and other sedatives.

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